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  • 82-94 Chevy/GMC S10/S15 Pu/Blazer 4WD 1"-3"F/3"R Lowering Kit - Belltech
  • 82-94 Chevy/GMC S10/S15 Pu/Blazer 4WD 1"-3"F/3"R Lowering Kit - Belltech
  • Actual Product May Vary

Bell Tech

82-94 Chevy/GMC S10/S15 Pu/Blazer 4WD 1"-3"F/3"R Lowering Kit - Belltech

MSRP: $398.80
(You save $11.18 )


82-94 Chevy/GMC S10/S15 Pu/Blazer 4WD 1"-3"F/3"R Lowering Kit - Belltech Actual Product May Vary

Product Info

Made up of a variety of combinations of our individual lowering components as well as all the installation and alignment pieces necessary to achieve the listed lowering, choosing your kit has never been simpler.


  • SKU: BT 637
  • UPC: 722439006377
  • Product Sub Category: Suspension Lowering Kit
  • Data Fitment Make: Chevy, GMC
  • Data Fitment Model: Blazer, Jimmy, S10, S15
  • Data Fitment Year: 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994
  • Data Default Qt: 1
  • Data Product Type: Mom Class Lift Kit
  • Data Product Badges: covid_supply
  • Data Shipping Group: Std Shipping


Make Model Sub-model Years
ChevroletS10 BlazerSport1983
ChevroletS10 BlazerBase1983
ChevroletS10 BlazerTahoe1983
ChevroletS10 BlazerSport1984
ChevroletS10 BlazerBase1984
ChevroletS10 BlazerTahoe1984
ChevroletS10 BlazerSport1985
ChevroletS10 BlazerBase1985
ChevroletS10 BlazerTahoe1985
ChevroletS10 BlazerSport1986
ChevroletS10 BlazerBase1986
ChevroletS10 BlazerTahoe1986
ChevroletS10 BlazerSport1987
ChevroletS10 BlazerBase1987
ChevroletS10 BlazerHigh Country1987
ChevroletS10 BlazerTahoe1987
ChevroletS10 BlazerSport1988
ChevroletS10 BlazerBase1988
ChevroletS10 BlazerHigh Country1988
ChevroletS10 BlazerTahoe1988
ChevroletS10 BlazerSport1989
ChevroletS10 BlazerBase1989
ChevroletS10 BlazerHigh Country1989
ChevroletS10 BlazerSport1990
ChevroletS10 BlazerBase1990
ChevroletS10 BlazerTahoe1990
ChevroletS10 BlazerBase1991
ChevroletS10 BlazerTahoe1991
ChevroletS10 BlazerTahoe LT1991
ChevroletS10 BlazerSport1992
ChevroletS10 BlazerBase1992
ChevroletS10 BlazerTahoe1992
ChevroletS10 BlazerTahoe LT1992
ChevroletS10 BlazerBase1993
ChevroletS10 BlazerTahoe1993
ChevroletS10 BlazerTahoe LT1993
ChevroletS10 BlazerBase1994
ChevroletS10 BlazerLT1994
ChevroletS10 BlazerTahoe1994
ChevroletS10 BlazerTahoe LT1994
GMCS15 JimmyBase1983
GMCS15 JimmyGypsy1983
GMCS15 JimmySierra Classic1983
GMCS15 JimmyBase1984
GMCS15 JimmyGypsy1984
GMCS15 JimmySierra Classic1984
GMCS15 JimmyBase1985
GMCS15 JimmyGypsy1985
GMCS15 JimmyHigh Sierra1985
GMCS15 JimmySierra Classic1985
GMCS15 JimmyBase1986
GMCS15 JimmyGypsy1986
GMCS15 JimmySierra Classic1986
GMCS15 JimmyBase1987
GMCS15 JimmyGypsy1987
GMCS15 JimmySierra Classic1987
GMCS15 JimmyBase1988
GMCS15 JimmyGypsy1988
GMCS15 JimmySierra Classic1988
GMCS15 JimmyTimberline1988
GMCS15 JimmyBase1989
GMCS15 JimmyGypsy1989
GMCS15 JimmySierra Classic1989
GMCS15 JimmyTimberline1989
GMCS15 JimmyBase1990
GMCS15 JimmyGypsy1990
GMCS15 JimmySierra Classic1990
GMCS15 JimmyBase1991
GMCS15 JimmySLT1991
GMCS15 JimmySLS1991
GMCS15 JimmySLE1991
Notes:Lowering Rate: F: 1.0-3.0" / R: 3.0"

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