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Bushwacker Flares

07-18 Jeep JKU 2DR Rear 2pc Max Coverage Pocket/Rivet Style Fender Flares Black Smooth Finish - Bushwacker Flares

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07-18 Jeep JKU 2DR Rear 2pc Max Coverage Pocket/Rivet Style Fender Flares Black Smooth Finish - Bushwacker Flares Actual Product May Vary

Product Info

Bushwacker Fender Flares are made to be flexible enough to withstand any environment you put them in. From the debris on the roads to the brush on the trails and any other elements that wear on them every day, Bushwacker flares are designed to never relent to punishment and maintain their style. Max Coverage Pocket Style Fender Flares provides more tire coverage than standard Pocket Style flares, the Max Coverage Pocket Style Fender Flares are rugged, easy to install, and perfect for vehicles with big tires and wide wheels. Made with complete UV protection, Bushwacker flares are also backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty against warping, cracking or other factory defects.


  • SKU: BW 10044-02
  • UPC: 090689108104
  • Product Sub Category: Fender Flares
  • Data Fitment Make: Jeep
  • Data Fitment Model: JK Wrangler
  • Data Fitment Year: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Data Default Qt: 1
  • Data Product Type: Mom Class Bolt-on
  • Data Product Badges: covid_supply
  • Data Shipping Group: Std Shipping


Make Model Sub-model Years
JeepWranglerUnlimited X2007
JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon2009
JeepWranglerUnlimited Sahara2012
JeepWranglerUnlimited 75th Anniversary2016
JeepWrangler JKUnlimited Sport2018
JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport S2016
JeepWranglerUnlimited Sahara2013
JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport2014
JeepWranglerUnlimited Sahara2017
JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport2010,2011,2016,2017
JeepWranglerUnlimited Sahara2009
JeepWrangler JKUnlimited Sahara2018
JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon2017
JeepWranglerUnlimited Sahara2016
JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport2012
JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon2010
JeepWranglerUnlimited Sahara2007,2010
JeepWranglerUnlimited X2008
JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon2012
JeepWranglerUnlimited Sahara2008,2011
JeepWranglerUnlimited X2009
JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon2015
JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport2015
JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon2013
JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport2013
JeepWranglerUnlimited Sahara2014,2015
JeepWranglerUnlimited X2010
JeepWrangler JKUnlimited Rubicon2018
JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon2011,2008,2016,2007,2014
JeepWranglerUnlimited 70th Anniversary2011
Notes:Front Flare Height:0.00 , Rear Flare Tire Coverage:6.75 , Rear Flare Height:5.75 , Finish:Smooth

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