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Heavy Shipping

Important Information Regarding 35" and Taller Tires

If you have ordered 35" or taller tires or a Dually Package, PLEASE READ BELOW.

Because of the added volume of online sales due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in an effort to maximize the space used in their delivery trucks, UPS and FEDEX have imposed huge surcharges on what they consider "oversized packages". These surcharges will make providing free or reasonable shipping charges impossible.

To combat having to pass these charges on to you, all 35" and taller tires, Tire & Wheel Packages that include 35" and taller tires and Dually Packages will now be shipped by common carrier (tractor-trailer).

While these can be shipped to a residential address, it is highly recommended that you find a business address to ship to. Semi trucks going to homes can create many problems and issues.

1. Freight carriers are geared more to business deliveries and delivery to a residence may not get priority so there may be delays in receiving your order. They also may show up without contacting you first and they may charge a re-delivery fee if you are not there.

2. Someone MUST sign for the delivery. Freight carriers will NOT leave the shipment without a signature like FEDEX and UPS do.

3. You need to do a VERY thorough inspection of the merchandise before signing for it. Once you have signed for the merchandise, no damage claims can be filed. If you see damage or see possible damage, make sure that the driver writes "Possible Concealed Damage" on the Bill Of Lading before you sign it.

4. The driver is not required to assist in unloading the merchandise from the truck and sometimes may not provide any help. They are only required to get it to the rear of the trailer so you will need to have someone there that is physically able to unload the merchandise. 

Most businesses are open normal working hours, are usually more accessible and have the resources to unload the merchandise. If at all possible, ship  these orders to a business address.