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AMP Off-Road

275x55r20D (32x11.00r20) Terrain Attack AT - Amp Off Road

set of or $289.99 each
set of 4 or $289.99 each


275x55r20D (32x11.00r20) Terrain Attack AT - Amp Off Road Actual Product May Vary

Product Info

AMP OFF-ROAD A/T TERRAIN ATTACKThe Amp Off-Road A/T Terrain ATTACK is the latest addition to the growing new segment of "Hybrid" all terrain tires. More aggressive than a standard all terrain but not as aggressive as a mud terrain.The Amp Off-Road A/T Terrain ATTACK was designed to provide excellent traction in any terrain yet still provide good street performance. Tire Safety


  • SKU: AMPAT 2755520AMPCA
  • Tire Model: AT Terrain Attack
  • Tire Type: All Terrain
  • Tire Height: 32
  • Tire Width: 11.00
  • Tire Rim Diameter: 20
  • Tire Metric Aspect Ratio: 55
  • Tire Metric Width: 275
  • Data Default Qt: 4
  • Data Product Type: Mom Class Tires
  • Tire Cross Section: 11.1
  • Tire Tread Depth: AMPAT
  • Tire Diameter Actual: 31.8
  • Tire Sidewall: BLK
  • Data Product Badges: covid_supply
  • Warranty: AMP Tires Limited Warranty
  • Tire Load Code: C
  • Tire Terrain Type: All Terrain
  • Max Load Single: 2679 POUND
  • Tire Max PSI Single: 65 PSI
  • Vehicle Type: All Terrain, On/Off-Road
  • Tire Season Rating: All Weather
  • Tire Type: Light Truck, Suv (Truck Chassis)
  • Tire Sizes: 275x55r20xL, 32x11.00r20
  • Data Tire Search Synonyms: 275x55r20xL, 32x11.00r20
  • Data Review Group: AT Terrain ATtack
  • Data Shipping Group: 4TiresUnder33
  • Data Product Badges: covid_supply, tire_safety
  • Max Load Single: 2679 lb
  • Tire Width: 11

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