Nitto Sidewalls Explained

Nitto Tire offers two different sidewall options for each tread design within the Grappler Line. You will see each tread design listed below followed by two images. The two images distinguish the difference between what we call “Option 1” and Option 2”. If you are calling and placing a phone order for a tire & wheel package, please inform your salesman which sidewall you would prefer to have mounted facing out to be seen. If you are placing an order on the website, please mention in the “Add Instructions About Your Order” box which sidewall you would like mounted facing out. If you do NOT specify which sidewall you would like to face out, we will use “Option 1” as the default option.

G2 Terra Grappler

EXO Grappler

Ridge Grappler 

Trail Grappler

Mud Grappler