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Fuel Off-Road

20x10 5x5.5/5x150 5BS D556 Coupler Black Machined - Fuel Off-Road

set of 4 for 0.00
set of 4 for 0.00

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20x10 5x5.5/5x150 5BS D556 Coupler Black Machined - Fuel Off-Road Actual Product May Vary

Product Info

The Fuel Off-Road D556 Coupler is a cast aluminum wheel that features a unique spoke design that rolls out to the lip of the wheel. The Fuel Coupler is finished in black powdercoat and the spokes feature a dark smoky tint for a look all its own. The Fuel D556 Coupler comes with a fully enclosed cap that covers the lug nuts. The center of the cap pops out for vehicles with locking hubs.


  • SKU: MHTD556 20007050
  • UPC: 885463844305
  • Wheel Model: D556 Coupler
  • Wheel Color: Black/Machined
  • Wheel Type: 4x4
  • Wheel Diameter: 20
  • Wheel Width: 10
  • Wheel Bolt Pattern: 5x5.5, 5x139.7, 5x150
  • Wheel Backspace: 5.03
  • Wheel Offset: -12
  • Wheel Centerbore: 110.1
  • Wheel Load Rating: 2500 lb
  • Data Default Qt: 4
  • Data Product Type: Mom Class Wheel
  • Wheel Cap Number: 1001-63-B
  • Wheel Lip Size: 0
  • Data Product Badges: covid_supply
  • Data Review Group: D556/D575 Coupler
  • Wheel Compatible With TPMS: 1
  • Data Shipping Group: 4forFree
  • Wheel Size: 20x10

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