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Gateway Buckshot Mudders

N78x15C (30X8.50x15) Buckshot Mudder Bias Ply BSW - Maxxis Tire

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set of 4 for 0.00

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N78x15C (30X8.50x15) Buckshot Mudder Bias Ply BSW - Maxxis Tire Actual Product May Vary

Product Info

RECOMMENDED FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY! These tires are street legal DOT approved but do not have any type of ride or balance warranty. These tires are great for off-roading but ride awful on the street and are near impossible to balance. The old bias ply Buckshot has been brought back from the grave. The bias ply Buckshot was always a favorite for old Jeep owners and off-roaders looking for great traction in a tall, narrow tire but with no concerns about ride or wear. These Buckshots fit on stock size wheels and work great in just about any off-road condition. Tire Safety


  • SKU: BSM MT7815
  • Tire Model: Bias Buckshot Mudder
  • Tire Height: 30
  • Tire Width: 8.50
  • Tire Rim Diameter: 15
  • Tire Metric Aspect Ratio: NA
  • Tire Metric Width: NA
  • Data Default Qt: 4
  • Data Product Type: Mom Class Tires
  • Tire Cross Section: 8.5
  • Tire Diameter Actual: 29.5
  • Tire Sidewall: BSW
  • Data Product Badges: covid_supply, tire_safety
  • Warranty: Limited Manufacturer Warranty
  • Tire Load Code: C
  • Max Load Single: 1920 lb
  • Tire Max PSI Single: 45 PSI
  • Vehicle Type: Mud Terrain, On/Off-Road
  • Tire Season / Road Conditions: na
  • Tires Type: Light Truck/SUV
  • Tire Sizes: n78x15
  • Data Tire Search Synonyms: n78x15
  • Data Review Group: Bias Buckshot Mudder
  • Data Shipping Group: 4TiresUnder33
  • Tire Terrain Type: Mud Terrain, On/Off-Road
  • Tire Vehicle Type: Light Truck/SUV

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