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Performance Shock Shock Absorber FTS7343 - Fabtech



Performance Shock Shock Absorber FTS7343 - Fabtech Actual Product May Vary

Product Info

Fabtech Performance Shocks have been designed to work in conjunction with each of our suspension systems, resulting in superior ride control. Features include high velocity 9-stage valving for excellent dampening capabilities and a closed cell insert to reduce shock fade at high speeds.


  • Twin Tube Hydraulic Construction
  • 9/16in Hardened Chrome Piston Rod
  • 1 3/8in OD Piston
  • Closed Cell Foam insert
  • High Flow 9 Stage Valving
  • Extended Length E24.80
  • Collasped Length C17.00
  • Stroke Length S7.80
  • Top Mount S38
  • Bottom Mount EB1


  • SKU: FT FTS7343
  • UPC: 674866089426
  • Product Sub Category: Shock Absorber
  • Data Fitment Make: Universal
  • Data Fitment Model: Universal
  • Data Default Qt: 1
  • Data Product Type: Mom Class Bolt-on
  • Data Product Badges: covid_supply
  • Data Shipping Group: Std Shipping
  • Warranty : Lifetime
  • Data Fitment Year: na

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