TPMS Statement

TPMS Statement

Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors

Almost every current vehicle and many older vehicles come equipped from the factory with a government mandated Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). These systems come in many different configurations, but basically do the same thing and that is to monitor the air pressure in the tires.

When purchasing new wheels or a wheel and tire package, you will need to make a decision on which option you want to take concerning these sensors.

Option 1 is to NOT put the sensors back in and run your vehicle with the system disabled. The system will no longer function and the dash light will stay on at all times. Some other vehicle systems may also be affected by disabling the TPMS system. We DO NOT recommend this, as these systems were put on the vehicle for safety purposes.

Option 2 is to have your OEM sensors installed in your new wheels. If you are buying a tire and wheel package deal, you can still let us mount and balance them and when you get them, you can take them to a tire dealer and have your sensors removed from your stock wheels and reinstalled into your new ones. As long as the installer doesn't remove or move the wheel weights and marks the tire and wheel, the balance should still be acceptable, as the TPMS sensors do not weigh very much at all. Not all TPMS sensors can be removed from the OEM wheel without damaging them.
NOTE: Some OEM sensors cannot be removed without damaging them.

Option 3 is to purchase new sensors from us and we will install them when we mount the tires. Some vehicles have a self-learning or wake-up program that will reprogram the new sensors. Other vehicles will have to be taken to the car dealer or to a garage that has a programmer and have the system reprogrammed. You will need to check your owner's manual to see if you can do this yourself.

If you decide to purchase new sensors from us with a wheel and tire package deal, we will install the sensors at no charge. Sensors are sold as EACH, so you need to purchase as many sensors as you do wheels.